Essentials of Corporate Fraud


Buy Essentials of Corporate FraudTracy Coenen took the fraud prevention and fraud examination world by storm with her first book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud, published by John Wiley & Sons. The book is not just another publication that pays lip service to the importance of preventing and detecting fraud.

Essentials of Corporate Fraud will challenge your concept of corporate fraud, providing an introductory look at internal fraud, who is committing the fraud, how it happens, and what can be done about it. The book offers executives, managers, accountants, auditors, attorneys, and other professionals the opportunity to learn about from from someone in the trenches. It offers solutions to the fraud problem that can be implemented immediately.

The book is more than a primer on fraud detection and prevention. It is a real-world look at how fraud occurs from an expert who has investigated hundreds of internal frauds, including embezzlement, financial statement fraud, investment fraud, bribery, and corruption. Tracy’s broad experience ranging from law enforcement to traditional auditing and finally to forensic accounting and fraud investigations brings a unique perspective to this publication.

As noted on the cover, Essentials of Corporate Fraud offers readers the opportunity to:

  • Understand the root causes of corporate fraud and how to manage it
  • Identify red flags of corporate fraud
  • Become familiar with common fraud schemes and their warning signs
  • Learn basic fraud prevention procedures


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